Heavy Prescription: Hanging Garden and Sons of Aeon

Ah yes! A belated happy new year to all you lads and lasses!

Today we have the first official installment of the Heavy Prescription series, the first once since our rather premature death on account of getting hacked into. And yes we did lose all previous Heavy Prescription posts along with it. So this one can be regarded as a first for reasons that can’t be more but obvious.


 Lately I’ve been checking out a lot of songs from the bands from the German Label Lifeforce Records. I must say that they’ve all been simply mindblowing in terms of sheer quality and musicianship. In my first post in what seemed like an eternity, I did mention the band ‘Omnium Gatherum’ and their new track from their latest album. Well today we are going to follow it up with two more bands from Lifeforce Records which also have their albums coming out in a short while.

1. Hanging Garden

I was hoping that this band had something to do with Babylon or maybe had some sort of Mesopotamian riffing style that they were know for when I came across their name. I was soon to realize that I still haven’t lost my touch in making absolutely wrong guesses.

On the contrary their music seems to have nothing to do with Mesopotamia at all for their forte seems to be get the listener to a somber mood and yet not losing sight of the beauty this song brings along. These guys are from Finland (I shoulda known!) and are all set to release their 3rd LP titled ‘At Every Door’. To describe their music is like describing a pyre burning away, as the last remains of a soul you’ve known withes away. All this is perfectly brought out in their first full track teaser from the album called ‘Ash and Dust’. Listen to the song as slabs of doom are placed over your head…. Demise imminent…

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2. Sons of Aeon

Now for some good ol death metal ! Sons of Aeon are again from Finland! Damn that country!!

They seem to be bent on matching up to Sweden with quality release after quality release. Their death metal has a good amount of melody put in for good measure and yet manages to be equally brutal. One other interesting  bit of info is that the band also have a few  of the ex and current members of Swallow the Sun and Ghost Brigade! Now that might stir up some serious dust! Their first single ‘Faceless’, from their self-titled debut is up for streaming. It is pretty long but you’d probably have your head detachable by the end of it.

NOTE: It seems that the entire album is available for streaming at this location.

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