Heavy Prescription: Man the Machetes, Disperse, Balescream

Yes another edition of Heavy Prescription and the internet is flooded with news regarding the leak/official leak of the new Killswitch Engage single. The track was brilliant and might as well signal a return to form for the melodic metalcore titans. Nonetheless, i do feel that there are a lot of less popular yet truly deserving the notice. Well here are a few of those tracks that i for one believe deserve a good listen.


1. Man the Machetes

Catchiness has always been a relative feeling, but some songs just manage to inject potent quantities of it directly into the cranium. Kvelertak signed to the Norwegian label was one such band who were able to take single handedly take their brand music into infinitesimal levels of catchiness without sacrificing their hardcore roots that shine through. Now another band that has come to my attention is Man the Machetes. They are on the same label ‘Indie Recordings‘ that Kvelertak is on and seemingly so, sound musically more close to them  as well. The track featured here is titled ‘Megaplask’ and quite obviously is in Norwegian.

The vibe that this track emanates will have you entranced in its melody and headbanging at the same moment. I wouldn’t call it metal by any means, but its easygoing and fun laden spirit, spurred me on to share this with you guys. Take a listen!



2. Disperse

One can never be in doubt when it comes to metal in Poland. Housing heavyweights such as Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated, Poland is far from being non-metal. But they do have a thriving djent/tech metal scene, with its most immediate proponent in Jakub Zytecki(who is also featured in our compilation). Now heres a dude that has always been known to go entirely solo when it comes to music projects. Hes chosen to take up his joint venture, Disperse which seemed to be have been on the backburner all this long after Jakub himself, being one of its founding members and an album. Soon after signing with Season of Mist last year, they have been in top gear to produce their second album, ‘ Living Mirrors’ and luckily they’ve just released their first single off it, titled ‘Unbroken Shiver’.

Take Unbroken Shiver to be one epic tale, with grandiose characters, lush settings, nature etc. Yet it packs in quite the amount of groovy heaviness that the genre has always been known for. Catch them on Facebook.


3.  Balescream

Sometimes there is nothing better than melodic death metal with a fine splash of groove. Groove and melodeath dont usually go hand in hand, but these bunch of Australians, seem to do it rather far too fluidly. Balescream are a band from Newcastle, Australia and they have just about released their debut EP titled ‘Mark of the Revenant’. The titled track featured here starts off as an in-your-face groove metal tune to some fine soloing towards tend. The solo running almost the entire half of the song, is not any slogfest, but careful, planned and melodic. Check it here..


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