Abriosis – Vessel

Today we have reviewer Mohammad Kabeer (from Necrofilth) doing the review of the EP  ‘Vessel’ from ‘Abriosis’



1. Crypsis
2. Vessel
3. Peering Into Oblivion
4. Apochra

Canada is the  Hub  of technical  metal  with all time legends   like Gorguts  and  Voivod   to the  more modern  genre benders   like Despised Icon  and Strapping Young  Lad.   Abriosis is a new band trying to fit in the niche carved by these giants.  Does it live up to the expectations?  lets find out.

Abriosis  is a four piece  from Vancouver, British Columbia consisting of Alxs Ness(Vocals),Taylor Lipton,(Guitar) Ryan Mcdonnell(Bass) and  Robin Iwasiw (drums). The band’s music can be categorised as Technical Death Metal. They have an interesting approach towards their sound,  they  combine  the dissonance  odd time signatures and independent , distinguishable  bass lines  of the more technical, experimental side of Metal like Gorguts, Deathspell Omega   with  the more straight forward crushing riffage of  Brutal Death Metal  in a way  that is  quite  fresh and celebrates   the nuances  of both the  genres equally. . But despite all of this Abriosis  have  one  major flaw, and it’s a flaw  that’s  quite common in this genre. They are not able to put all of these elements together in a complete cohesive manner, this   ultimately prevents the band from creating music that goes beyond things like notes, tone , accents syncopation  and  reaches a higher  level , creating  art  that   cause s a deep surge of emotion   or creates an atmosphere which  one can almost  feel. And this unfortunately,  is why there is a line of separation  between Abriosis  and the bands  mentioned above.  However there was one song   which did all of these things and did them rather well, that being the third song  Peering into Oblivion  which creates  a chilling atmosphere which I could  sense  right from the start of the song  with  that  haunting  guitar dissonance  which  is  built  up throughout the song  perfectly, and balanced well  with   their brand of brutal death metal.

So now when all is said   and done all I can say is that although I did enjoy this E.P.  but I am not going to be going back to it a lot  maybe  occasionally , well until they  make  more songs like ‘Peering into Oblivion’.


Visit their Facebok Page ——-> Abriosis

Also DOWNLOAD the entire album for free!!!

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