Exist Immortal – Dream Sequence

Today our reviewer Karan Katiyar reviews the new mini album from the band ‘Exist Immortal’, titled ‘Dream Sequence’.

exist immortal


1. A Timeless Voyage
2. Grabbity Gravity
3. Initiate
4. Exist (v.2)
5. The Fracture
6. Terminate
7. The Silence (ft. guitar solo by Fred Brum)

UK based metallers Exist Immortal released their mini-album “Dream Sequence” on 28th January of this year.  Formed in 2011, these guys have already made a strong foothold in their homeland by playing UK Tech Metal fest alongside the likes of Textures, Sylosis etc.

Dream Sequence is everything but monotonous. Each track is unique in emotion, context, and purpose. I liked this album mostly because it is one of the few that can be heard in totality without exhaustion!


There is a definite focus on flow and transitions. Abruptness is something you will not come across frequently in this mini-album. The songs are well structured and there is minimal dependence on fade-ins and effects for tough transitions. Though there is nothing revolutionary in the songwriting, there are moments of pure musical genius here and there (eg. 3.05 Grabbity Gravity). Catchy choruses galore, especially Initiate. Grooves are also a huge part of Exist Immortal’s sound. Special emphasis on The Fracture for some solid technical grooves.

Today we have our reviewer Karan Katiyar dissecting and examining the new album from the band Exist Immortal.


One of the few disappointments in Dream Sequence. Production could have been way better. There is a serious lack of low end punch in the entire album.


Very well written, structured, and intelligently placed guitar parts. Almost every riff has a story to tell. Melodies, chugs, staccatos, tasty bends, solos, twangs, you have em all. The tone is the only sour element in the guitars section.


A searing mixture of growls and cleans, the vocals are a dose of freshness with the focus on mid -ranges. Lots of love for not autotuning through the roof! The highlight of the vocals lie in the harmonized sections, which by the way are absolutely delightful. In some parts, though, clean vocals seem forcefully tossed.


Easily the showstopper element of this album. Very worldly fills that breathe life into the tracks. A Timeless Voyage is just sheer aural pleasure! It’s very easy to go overboard with electronics, but these guys have managed to hit that sweet spot between perfect and unnecessary.


Percussions on this mini album are unimaginative. Generic grooves that completely follow the guitars are prevalent throughout the album.


Besides the production and the percussions, this album is a musical adventure. An absolute avalanche of emotions and colours makes Dream Sequence a serious win! Exist Immortal has tremendous potential and with this release, they have set a bar for our expectations from their future endeavours.


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And watch the video for their single below

Heavy Prescription: Tick’s Talk, Rohit Nair, Abinav Thakuri

Aargh! Boredom kills. I’ve been so caught up at work and monotony and never really got around listening to new music. Either way there have been a few Indian acts that i’ve been wanting to share with you guys for some time now.

1. Tick’s Talk

This is a band from Guwahati (a hot bed for some of the finest Indian rock and metal) leaning towards the progressive side of things. The rock elements in their music are more pronounced and yet they do have a few metal passages as well. They’ve just got two songs in the recorded format, the second of which was recently released as a pre-production track. Titled ‘Pictures Predict‘, the song starts with keys followed by some lovely heart stirring croons by the vocalist. The song  then veers off into progressive territory. The keyboards remain in the forefront and are complemented by some instantly catchy riffs. All this goes on to make a great listening experience, despite being at the pre-production stage. For all those laymen, they did release a song titled Drug Dimension a month back, which you can listen to below.

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2. Rohit Nair


Rohit Nair is the man behind Paradox, a one man instrumental venture. This guy produces some really catchy riffs akin to the one man behemoth that is Cloudkicker. He did release an EP titled ‘Beyond Reason’ under the Paradox moniker, and it did have a few heads turning his way. I for one loved it, for its simplistic and instantly gratifying vibe. But the mans been bogged down by a hectic day job, and hes been out of touch for a while. But i am more than happy to announce his return to what he does best, with a new track ‘Reminiscence’.

It is safe to say that the song has one of the catchiest main riffs i’ve heard in a bloody long while. Check it out for yourself.

And if you haven’t his last release. Then here is the whole album! Stream away

3. Abinav Thakuri


Now for skull bashing, bone gnashing riffage. With this we welcome our new writer Abinav Thakuri onboard as well. Luckily for all groove aficionados out there,  he is well on his way to release his debut E.P. titled ‘Tattooed Goddess’. Check out a pre-production version of his first single ‘Cassiopeia’ released at the 1st of this month. Frenetically paced and filled to the brim with massive amounts of groove, this is one helluva track. Stream away lads!!   also remember to follow his personal page on Facebook.

Diamonds in the Rough – January 2013

Before our(this website’s) virtual annihilation by a few jobless hacker pricks late last year, i had this rather unique series running. Diamonds in the Rough. If any of our old readers could recall, Diamonds in the Rough was where i visited a few songs over the internet. Mind you, that all of those songs were off albums that saw release in a particular month. I embark on this rather exciting exercise towards the end of every month. This was also how i got to find some exciting new bands and releases myself. And here today, after the site has reincarnated itself, i am obliged to kickstart the series back again. and oh boy do i love doing this !

1. Revenge


Ever wondered how a band with a pure hardcore styled vocal delivery would sound with a rather metal, old school death to be precise, sound? Well here you have Revenge. Attached below is a song from their 2nd LP titled “Hymns of Annihilation” and unsurprisingly the song is titled “Annihilation”. With pure misanthropy, as depicted in the cover art above, as their motto i guarantee that this song will slaughter every soul in sight. Huge chunky riffs coupled with a vocal attack that is relentless yet typical of ‘straight in your face’ hardcore, you have a song that can well spur global obliteration on its own.

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2.  Unburied


My respect for Selfmadegod records, have quadrupled for they seem to sign the best of the brootz. Last year’s Masachist seemed like heaven sent. It was easily my favorite death metal album of 2012, yet still it never got the attention it deserved. Come 2013 and i guess i’ve found a likely replacement in Unburied, who were signed recently to Selfmadegod. These guys have been in the fray since 1994, the glory days of death metal, and that shows. Dabbling in the ever so unholy goregrind side of things, they seem fresh and instantly catchy. Attached below is a track which is probably from the entire album that has been uploaded on bandcamp. Due to personal preference, i happen to choose a track that is more death metal than grind. Make sure you  strap yourself to a chair before clicking the play button. Caution advised.

P.S. Although the bandcamp release date cites 17th Dec, 2012 the official pushed release date is Jan 8 2012.

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Heavy Prescription: Man the Machetes, Disperse, Balescream

Yes another edition of Heavy Prescription and the internet is flooded with news regarding the leak/official leak of the new Killswitch Engage single. The track was brilliant and might as well signal a return to form for the melodic metalcore titans. Nonetheless, i do feel that there are a lot of less popular yet truly deserving the notice. Well here are a few of those tracks that i for one believe deserve a good listen.


1. Man the Machetes

Catchiness has always been a relative feeling, but some songs just manage to inject potent quantities of it directly into the cranium. Kvelertak signed to the Norwegian label was one such band who were able to take single handedly take their brand music into infinitesimal levels of catchiness without sacrificing their hardcore roots that shine through. Now another band that has come to my attention is Man the Machetes. They are on the same label ‘Indie Recordings‘ that Kvelertak is on and seemingly so, sound musically more close to them  as well. The track featured here is titled ‘Megaplask’ and quite obviously is in Norwegian.

The vibe that this track emanates will have you entranced in its melody and headbanging at the same moment. I wouldn’t call it metal by any means, but its easygoing and fun laden spirit, spurred me on to share this with you guys. Take a listen!


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Album 2

Metal has been around for more than 40 plus years now…. And it has aged well. Bands sticking to the old school style have honed their craft whereas bands that chose to explore the creative side of things have left new genres in their wake. Each decade has managed to spew out a variety of genres and has kept this relatively obscure genre alive and kicking. Come to this decade and we have metal embracing its technical/progressive side. Yes bands have been at it for years, but this new genre of djent/tech metal have us here at the Metalspree camp, ensnared by its complex webwork of instrumentation. The barrage of technicality, texture and digitalized sound gives us this rather alien feel to it.(That’d probably explain the theme behind the artwork from Acid Toad as well.)  Ridiculous vocab goading aside, it is safe to say that we here at Metalspree, love it!

It is at this particular juncture we hit upon the idea to make a compilation that features the likes of both Indian as well as International bands. A joint venture with our close friends in ‘English Djentlemen’s Quarters.’ pretty much answered that.  Featuring 20 international bands and 20 indian bands, the compilation offers a brief insight into the nascent tech/djent scene in India with Skyharbor being its flag bearer, and also exponents(bands) of the established and well oiled International scene.

Here is the official Line – up


The compilation is divided into two: The Indian and the International sections. For the sake of convenience we have also attached Soundcloud links to all the songs on the compilation.

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