Age of Woe – Inhumanform

Mohammad Kabeer reviews the new album from Age of Woe titled Inhumanform, released via Give Praise Records.


1. Like Embers
2. The King of Thieves
3. The Antagonist
4. Black Rain
5. At First Light
6. Red Eyes
7. Cold Cycle
8. Rite of Passage

Here I am again  with another review and this is a very  special  moment  for me  as this is the first time  I will be reviewing  something from  Give Praise Records,  which is a label  that introduced me to Hardcore,Grind and Powerviolence .  I have such great memories listening to gems like Soil of Ignorance, The Afternoon Gentlemen and Titanarum, and now to know that I have gotten an official    promo from the label itself is indeed an honour. The very band that I will be reviewing from this label today is Age of Woe and the album is called In Human form.



Age of Woe are from Gothenburg, Sweden, a place famous for harvesting Melodic Death Metal, this band however are a different breed. The band’s sound can  be described  as sludge  mixed with hardcore  and that’s pretty much it really, not saying that that’s  a bad  thing. I mean  the band has everything   that makes up for some good  sludge/hardcore, dirty  guitars ,  massive breakdowns   energetic drumming  ,adding slower sections  so that there is some breathing space etc.  Then again I do feel  that it all of it  comes out sounding a little  … well for the lack of a better word  a little redundant.  Honestly  they don’t   really have anything   new that they  can  bring to the  table , although they do try   to  at times  with songs  like Black Rain  which add elements of funeral doom and The Antagonist,Cold  Cycle  and A Rite of passage  which   gives the band’s  sound  a melodic turn  but these few bright moments can’t really hide that.

But then again for what it is Inhumanform is a lot of fun, if you  just   want  to let loose  without thinking   too much, this would be a pretty good choice, not the best but definitely a good one.

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