Unholy Compilations: Candlelight, Deathwish

*crowd chant*   Hail Beelzebub!!!  Hail Beelzebub!! Hail Beelzebub!!

Beelzebub to his acolytes- “Silence you secretly god worshiping heathen scum!!… *silence follows*.. Thats more like it. Now crank up that stereo and let those compilations roll.”

Well here we are with another batch of feel good yet heavy as hell compilations, jam packed with songs of an equally heavy nature. And anything free, is number one on the cards for us Indians.



Ah! Candlelight Records. Ring a bell??  For all you laymen, Candlelight Records is the same international label who’s got our own Demonic Resurrection on their roster. Now to all those who are hungry to gorge on some blissfully brilliant new music, well here is their brand new Winter sampler. But be advised that what you’ve got here is slow marauding music, more in line with the cold and harsh winter climate, which yes, calls for more on the black metal side. They’ve got some real great bands on here and probably those that might have escaped your poor obsolete metal radar. Cheggem below!




Deathwish Inc, who have risen among the ranks to become one of the premier labels supporting the hardcore punk scene have come up with a massive 27 song compilation. Given that hardcore/punk/grind songs are known for their short song lengths, it still does run for an hour and a half. For people who have no idea who or what Deathwish Inc are, well folks this is Jacob Bannon’s label. And i hope you know the fact that Jacob Bannon  does vocals for Converge.

“Bands in order of appearance: Touche Amore, AC4 (unreleased), Blacklisted, Loma Prieta (unreleased), Code Orange Kids, Heiress, Birds In Row, Narrows, Gaza, Oathbreaker, Converge, Hesitation Wounds, Punch, Living Eyes, Mindset, Vigilante, New Lows, The Mongoloids (unreleased), Palm, Whips/Chains, Single Mothers, Stomach Earth (unreleased), Deafheaven, Cold Cave (unreleased), Self Defense Family, and Dad Punchers.”

DOWNLOAD from any of the following links:

Download from Mediafire
Download from Sendspace
Download from Yousendit
Download from Deathwish

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