“after Sound Awake we were even keener to try some different approaches…” – Mark Hosking (Karnivool)


Despite our ever obvious leaning towards much darker stuff here at Metalspree, some of us here just cannot shirk away our deep appreciation for Karnivool. A band that has let out waves of progression on to the International music scene, let alone in rock/metal. With just a mere 2 albums under their belt, their brand of progressive rock made quick work of carving out new sections of acceptance into every avid fan. That said, we are eagerly their third album titled “Asymmetry” which is to be released on July 19th in Australia, via Density Records. Raj Sharma from our side had a quick chat with guitarist Mark Hosking from Karnivool.

1.Greeting guys, how have you all been ??

Fantastic thank you for asking. Just got back into London, hungry and tired but exhilarated.

2. After a massive gap, you are all ready to release your much awaited third album?? Is it more of a complex record in terms of song structure as being compared to your previous studio materials??

I don’t think so, complexity is something we are always trying to get away from I think, but it sneaks back in there when we aren’t looking sometimes. The album is a duality of sorts, hence the album title.. I think Jon explained it best when he said to reach our destination on this album we had to take large arcs around in a circle to get there this time. Has made for a really interesting album I think

3. Who did most of the lyrical writing for this album, or is it completely taken care by Ian Kenny?? Are there any particular story or concept involved with the new materials??

No we share the lyric writing up quite a bit. Kenny usually gets a melody line over the music then the lyrics come after, and they lyrics usually change quite a bit with differing inputs from people as the songs develop

4. You guys did a re-release of your EP Persona, but you guys also had an self titled EP which almost went unnoticed? Mayn’t be in Australia but definitely went unnoticed across the globe. Have you ever had the idea of going back and re-recording the old songs or an instance of that being as a fan demand to you all?? The re-recorded version of Some more of the same in the Persona EP definitely gets me feeling that damn I don’t have a copy of that self titled Vool EP L

Definitely not! Ha ha.. the old self titled thing is from a time before this band was even this band, it’s a very youthful album full of … potential… he he.. that’s one way to put it.

5.”All I know” was known as Pearogram, why exactly did you guys decide to change it during the release?

This was a working title, we have many many working titles over the course of a songs creation, very strange, odd titles that spring out of the recesses of our minds.. final titles don’t usually come until the song has musically and lyrically become itself.

6. Its been quite a while since you guys posted your DVD teaser online on YouTube, when exactly do you plan to release it?? With the third album around the corner, had you guys planned to release the DVD after the new album??

DVD is coming we promise! It his some delays in the creative process and we got so involved in the completion of album three that it had to take a backstep for a few months.. frustrating for us as well but its definitely coming.. will be released in 2013.

7.  You guys are also playing this year at the Download festival, landing to a more new borders?? How excited are you all??

Very excited! Download is one of those stigma festivals that you hear about and really want to be a part of so its going to be great, so many great festivals its going to be a blast

8. I have noticed that despise you being one of the finest bands inAustralia, with a fanbase spread across the globe, you guys still haven’t had your shot at Australia’s one of the most biggest yearly events ,Soundwave festival?? Any particular reason behind it ??

No real reason, Soundwave are not famous for putting on home grown bands, they prioritize internationals and that’s ok, perhaps next year.. its always a great lineup

9. With your new single “The Refusal” being out there must have already lots of questioning about the mixing/mastering duties on the album?? Can you throw some light on that??

It will all be revealed with the album, but its different as always, we promised to  never do the same album twice, and after Sound Awake we were even keener to try some different approaches to the mixing and studio plans from last time. I have no doubts some will love it, some will hate it.. but as usual we just couldn’t see ourselves doing it any other way

10. You guys have played twice in India, do you have any plans for doing a complete India tour after the new album is released??

We love playing in India, can’t wait to get back there and play some more shows.. as to when and for how long im sorry but you’ll just have to stay tuned on that front!

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