All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature

Mohammad Kabeer reviews the new record from All Pigs Must Die titled Nothing Violates This Nature, released via Southern Lord.


Artwork by Aaron Turner of Isis fame. Damn! This is good!! Follow his artwork on his personal blog called the Feral Pig.

01. Chaos Arise
02. Silencer
03. Primitive Fear
04. Bloodlines
05. Of Suffering
06. Holy Plague
07. Aqim Siege
08. Sacred Nothing
09. Faith Eater
10. Articles Of Human Weakness

I remember talking about this band  called  All Pigs Must Die to a friend on Facebook Chat, telling him that it is really brutal and crushing and all the other adjectives used to describe  music like this, funny thing is he typed on YouTube and instead came up  with  a soft  yet haunting  Neofolk song by Death in June. Both of us laughed  at this  and then I ultimately  gave him the link  to the title track  from their  album God is War  with which  he was indeed very impressed, so was I, but somehow  although liking their music  I didn’t   really follow the  band because at that time I was into things that were a lot faster a lot more chaotic, like Grindcore, or early Powerviolence. I am really glad that I am getting the opportunity now because this is seriously something, which is not to be missed.

All pigs must die is a sludge/hardcore band from Massachusetts, their sound can be  best described as   sludge  mixed with hardcore  along with  some elements of Death Metal. Mostly so in the tremolos  which  occur in between the primal raw sludge/hardcore carnage,  which are  very  similar to the ones in Swedish and Finnish Death  Metal  bands  like Entombed and Dismember. These  can be  best exemplified in Chaos Arise, Silencer, Primitive Fear and  Aqim Siege, which takes the metal element  one step  above as the band adds   death metal distortion which is  matched to  medium  tempo double bass, a trademark characteristic of old school death metal. Even though there sound is pretty wholesome as it is,  the slower tracks like  Bloodlines, which starts with a very  middle eastern sounding guitar and later evolves into a slow  Integrity like Hardcore, and Of suffering which has a very strong  funeral doom vibe and in a few other ways reminds me of Triptykon. This lends a a certain charisma to the album, and also  offer  some breathing space in between all the  slaughter.

So when all is said and done, all I can say is All Pigs Must die know exactly what  they want to be  but don’t   shy away from   experimenting ,  yet  know what and where their roots are.  This is a great album that I thoroughly enjoyed, here’s  hoping for more from them in the future.

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