Heavy Prescription (Freebies Edition) – Aronious, The Moon Mistress

Worker Holding Iron Ore Rock

People tend to get excited once the word “Free” is put in context. And as for us Indians, every form of exaggeration would turn out to be too kind in that case. Off late, primarily through Bandcamp, more bands face the hard truth of piracy by giving out their albums for free. In fact, this is great forethought, as today people are more wary of putting their money where it is due. What with the sheer number of metal releases over the last two decades, it seems only logical to do so. To be blunt, people would like to try out an attire before going on to purchasing it. Checking in on how it suits you, damages if any, print mistakes etc.But in the end you are either assured of your choice or dislike and discard it.  The same logic applies here. There are good sides to this as well, as it in a way promotes the album as well as the purchase of its physical copy.

So here today are two pieces of legally downloadable music. Set aside your tingling conscience and feel free to judge the music.


1.Aronious – Demo

2012 was a banner year for Technical death metal with great releases from the stalwarts and new bands alike. 2013 so far has only a few, albeit excellent (Deeds of Flesh, Fallujah, Ara) records. Aronious seems to be a new find and well worth the yearning for a bit of technicality. Sonically they sound similar to the likes of Gorod and Obscura with a trifle little of Meshuggh-esque groove (not DJENT!) put in for good measure. All the technical melange is then interjected with subtle melody, adding to the overall catchiness.

What you have here for download is not exactly an album nor an EP. The band did make a statement regarding it – “Just so everyone knows, the “demo” up on bandcamp is in no way an official release, album, or EP. The way bandcamp works you need to group songs together in order to play them back to back. Otherwise you’d have to switch between each song. We did this for your convenience, but it is in no way complete. It is a little over half of our EP which will be released later this year.”  – Aronious

This does keep my hopes high for a dashing new record from this relatively young band, in the near future.


2. The Moon Mistress – Simla EP

Bands from the Russian Federations seem to have taken a liking to Indian Mythology and culture (Kartikeya?). The Moon Mistress  a doom band from Moscow, Russia has just come out with an EP, eponymously titled Simla. This probably stands testament to the fact Hinduism and Indian culture, something which is generally common place here seems to evoke interest in distant parts of the world. Post-independence, socialism was an important ideology in our country. Especially during the Nehru-era. And it is specifically during this period, i surmise, that a lot of the cultural cravings of both countries were exchanged. In fact there is an institute just for cultural relations between both countries. Things are interesting indeed. A bit of worldly info doesn’t hurt.

That said the Moon Mistress’s Simla is an exercise in the more primal leanings of doom. Probably musically closer to early day Saint Vitus. Long, meandering and despondent. And yet the semi clean guitar intro, the in-between leads, the almost chanted out vocals,all seem to harbor a certain Indian classical vibe. A disposition knee deep in the Indian occult. Or so it seems. Entrancing nonetheless.

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