Phil H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Walk through exits only

Mohammad Kabeer reviews the new album from Phil H.Anselmo & The Illegals titled Walk through exits only, released via Housecore Records / Season of Mist.


01. Music Media Is My Whore
02. Battalion Of Zero
03. Betrayed
04. Usurper Bastard’s Rant
05. Walk Through Exits Only
06. Bedroom Destroyer
07. Bedridden
08. Irrelevant Walls And Computer Screens

Phil Anselmo has always been a part of projects that were completely different  from Pantera, be it  Superjoint  Ritual which was straight up, sludge/hardcore  or Christ Inversion which  features Phil doing  some black metal vocals, and of course  the most  famous of  all these Down, which is just pure southern sludge. On this  album  however Phil tries to revive his glory days.

Philip Anselmo teams up with the Illegals who are Marzi Montazeri(guitars) Bennett Bartley(bass) and Jose Manuel Gonzales (drums).  Their sound  can be simply  described  as a more extreme, gritty form  of Pantera’s  modern  metal ,  the band uses  weird experimentations in the groove metal  genre which  can be seen in the song Battalion of  Zero,  along with  start/stop rhythms and a slight flirtation   with dissonance perfectly exemplified in Betrayed  and also  uses a very weird,  bizarre guitar in the Usurper Bastard’s Rant. Now although all of this sounds interesting on paper, it doesn’t really  work out for me, it has all the elements for a  great album, but where it falls short is the  songwriting. On most of the  album, the parts don’t  really mesh along with each other  and  as such seem like a very  cut/paste kind of a thing,. This is exemplified in the title track  in which  you have a very  fast guitar solo which  then later changes to chugs which just seems very awkward  as the guitar solo is on the melodic side  and the chugs are really hard and heavy, this can  also be said of the last track Irrelevant Walls and Computer Screens which again just seems to ramble on directionless. All seemed  like a collage of different parts from different songs.

It’s a real shame that this album..well at least in my opinion anyway did not turn out to be what it was meant to be,  maybe die hard Pantera fans  will love this one, but it just didn’t do it for me.

P.S.: Nishanth(deckard cain)  said  some cheeky  things to me in my yearly list, well let me tell you that he is a closet Justin Bieber fan  and has all his cd’s underwear’s in fact he has a Justin Bieber Gag as well naughty naughty!

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