Dropkick Murphys – Signed and Sealed in Blood

Note: Our reviewer Dixit Sambyal thought it was time to put down that grim metal look for a moment and have some legit something non metal. Here he reviews the punk rock outfit Dropkick Murphys’ new album.

Album Cover

Album Cover


  1. “The Boys Are Back” – 3:20
  2. “Prisoner’s Song” – 2:37
  3. “Rose Tattoo” – 5:06
  4. “Burn” – 2:39
  5. “Jimmy Collins’ Wake” (words written by Richard Johnson) – 2:59
  6. “The Season’s Upon Us” – 4:02
  7. “The Battle Rages On” – 2:17
  8. “Don’t Tear Us Apart” – 3:01
  9. “My Hero” – 3:10
  10. “Out on the Town” – 3:02
  11. “Out of our Heads” – 3:11
  12. “End of the Night” – 5:17

“The Boys are back and they are looking for trouble” is what they say
in the opening track and yeah the Boston based Celtic punks  are back
with Accordions, tin whistles, bagpipes , banjo, mandolin and what not

No more political issues , no social causes to discuss  and yeah, no story
telling this time like they did on their last album “Going Out in
Style”. Just some loud , fast(few mid tempo tunes too) and catchy
tunes which are fun to sing along .
“Signed and Sealed in Blood” released on 8th January is bit different
from band’s previous works as their music has evolved over the past
few years.

Powerful vocals and a loud chorus gives a realistic feel to the 2nd
track “Prisoner’s Song”, you can imagine the song, like the title suggested being sung out loud
in a prison.
Album’s lead single “Rose Tattoo” features Winston Marshall of Mumford
& Sons on banjo. It is the most remarkable track on the album .
“Jimmy Collins’ Wake” is an eulogy/tribute to James Joseph Collins
(January 16, 1870 – March 6, 1943),a professional baseball player  who
was also the first manager of the Boston Red Sox , then known as the
Boston Americans. He was the winning manager in the first-ever World
Series. Continue reading