Album 2

Metal has been around for more than 40 plus years now…. And it has aged well. Bands sticking to the old school style have honed their craft whereas bands that chose to explore the creative side of things have left new genres in their wake. Each decade has managed to spew out a variety of genres and has kept this relatively obscure genre alive and kicking. Come to this decade and we have metal embracing its technical/progressive side. Yes bands have been at it for years, but this new genre of djent/tech metal have us here at the Metalspree camp, ensnared by its complex webwork of instrumentation. The barrage of technicality, texture and digitalized sound gives us this rather alien feel to it.(That’d probably explain the theme behind the artwork from Acid Toad as well.)  Ridiculous vocab goading aside, it is safe to say that we here at Metalspree, love it!

It is at this particular juncture we hit upon the idea to make a compilation that features the likes of both Indian as well as International bands. A joint venture with our close friends in ‘English Djentlemen’s Quarters.’ pretty much answered that.  Featuring 20 international bands and 20 indian bands, the compilation offers a brief insight into the nascent tech/djent scene in India with Skyharbor being its flag bearer, and also exponents(bands) of the established and well oiled International scene.

Here is the official Line – up


The compilation is divided into two: The Indian and the International sections. For the sake of convenience we have also attached Soundcloud links to all the songs on the compilation.

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