Full of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation

Mohammad Kabeer review the new album from Full of Hell titled Rudiments of Mutilation, released via A389 Recordings.

12 Jacket (5mm Spine) [GD30OBH5]

01. Dichotomy 02:10
02. Vessel Deserted 02:11
03. Coven Of The Larynx 01:03
04. Throbbing Lung Fiber 01:02
05. Indigence And Guilt 01:51
06. Embrace 03:37
07. The Lord Is My Light 04:21
08. Bone Coral And Brine 01:54
09. Rudiments Of Mutilation 02:06
10. In Contempt Of Life 03:56

Full of Hell is one of the most exciting bands to watch out for in modern hardcore. Their last   album Roots of Earth are Consuming my Home was probably one of the darkest, most “malicious” sounding hardcore I have ever set ears on.  Vii caso’s description of their live performance at Maryland Death Fest  made the band even  more intriguing as according to him  It was pure evil with  the  dark lighting and harsh noise transitions in between songs and too add to that a rabid, visceral frontman.  So it was obvious that there new album had some huge shoes to fill.

For those who don’t  know and would like to get some background  about this band ,Full of Hell  is  a four piece from Maryland/Pennsylvania , now that that’s  taken  care of  lets get down to business. When compared to their last album   the production is much more cleaner, however that does not really take anything away from the band as these guys still sound evil, nasty  and  at some points even  frightening  in a completely new way.  Whereas the previous album was all about  the high gain  heavy hardcore,  that mixed some  doom and sludge,  this album is much  more experimental , an example of which can be seen  in the track Coven of the Larynx which  has your typical chord driven  guitars  played to a skank beat   which is  layered with   oddball dissonance something that would fit well with Deathspell Omega, in fact  another track Indigence and Guilt has the  skank played along to very detailed, wicked and almost black metal  sounding guitars  not too dissimilar to other black  metal bands today  like Nightbringer and Aosoth. This reaches its peak in the track when the bands brand of technical, chaotic hardcore is juxtaposed with weird flanger guitar effects and power electronics. There are some tracks which move away from hardcore as well, for instance The Lord is my Light opens up with somewhat drone-ish   guitar work  which  brings images of  insanity, loneliness and desolation  which  later builds up to a sonic  nightmare  with weird guitar effects that  makes  you feel as if everything around you is melting  and  there’s no way you can run(damn this band  fuels me to write!) , and the last track In Contempt of Life where the band experiments with  really crushing  , sludgy/doomy guitars,  which is accompanied by some really chilled laidback  stoner rock drumming. But with all of that being said, these elements don’t really take away Full of Hell’s signature sound and in fact adds much more to it, making it much more elaborate.

Thus keeping everything in mind I would say that Rudiments of Mutilation is a challenging, yet highly rewarding release., that  will be enjoyed by anyone who  is into extreme music, not just hardcore.  One of the best hardcore releases of 2013 so far.

 Stream the entire album below

Unholy Compilations: Metahit.com , A389 Recordings

To all those newly christened ‘say no to piracy’ gentry  and the ones who still rampantly hit up psychoccd, here is a brand new way to legally download and get initiated to the best of metal. Either way it is safe to say that you will be guaranteed one helluva playlist, tastes aside. With this series we try to cover up all the latest compilations released across the vast expanse of metaldom. So here we go


1.  Metalhit.com

Lets start with a bit of history. Metalhit.com is the virtual incarnation of the former Metal Maniacs zine that ruled the roost in its heydey. The magazine ran for a good 20 years after which the management for some reason decided to pull the plug.  After having gone through a few management swaps the Metalhit site hit the blogosphere in 2010. Since then its been churning out great articles and well its own little online digital store. And this is precisely why i’ve wanted to write this post, for with the online release of their new digital music store comes two kick ass compilations. Titled KVLT DEATH and KVLT BLACK i guess the ‘oh-so-apparent’ connotation will do the rest of the talking. Here below are the tracklist to both compilations and i bet you’d be blown away.  Also head to their store where you get albums for as less as 5 dollars and lower. Convert that and you get albums for less than 270 INR. Now thats what you call a steal. People with Paypal and credit cards head over!

Click on the player to go to their respective bandcamp page where you may download the compilation.





2. A389 Recordings

We just cannot hide our incessant love for A389 Recordings. Just check a few of our reviews and you’d see why. That said, they have just released a free compilation that will sweep you right off your feet. Probably the best way to get a sneak peek into their impressive roster.


Iron Reagan – Worse than Dead

Mohammad Kabeer reviews the new Iron Reagan record ‘Worse than Dead‘ released via A389 Recordings and Magic Bullet Records.


1. Drop The Gun (1:16)
2. Slightly Out Of Focus (0:33)
3. I Predict The Death Of Harold Camping (1:15)
4. Cycle Of Violence (1:36)
5. Eyes Piss Tears (1:09)
6. Insanity Plea(se)? (0:45)
7. A Joke A Fraud A Fake (1:15)
8. Rats In A Cage (1:03)
9. We Know You (1:05)
10. Paycheck (1:22)
11. Midlothian Murder Mile (1:49)
12. The Debt Collector (1:56)
13. I Ripped That Testament A New Asshole (1:14)
14. Bodies (1:38)
15. Eat Shit And Live (0:49)
16. Two Examples (1:30)
17. Snake Chopper (0:54)
18. Warp Your Mind (1:55)
19. Walking Out (1:38)

In a short span  of time  A389  records  have proved to be  a  force to be reckoned  with when it comes  to extreme  music, Hardcore especially. From  signing veterans  of the genre  like Integrity,Pulling Teeth , Gehenna ,Eyehategod  and Ringworm to showcasing  newer talent like TRIAC,Full of Hell,Children of God, Weekend Nachos and even  pumping some  fresh new blood onto the scene like Cynarae,Seven Sisters of Sleep ,Homewrecker ,Sick Fix and Young and n the way. Iron Reagan is another  name   which  got added recently  to be amongst all these  talented bands.

Iron Reagan are a four piece super group from Richmond Virginia, consisting of members from Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour.  The band don’t really try to experiment too much nor try to keep pace with their contemporaries ,  this album right here is as old school as it gets, clearly fitting right inside the crossover thrash box. These  guys take  the  thunderous  palm muted chugs  of   Thrash  metal with the  simple yet intense chord play of Hardcore punk which brings out the best of both  the genres,  cutting out all the fat  and ultimately  creating  music  that’s simple ,straightforward  yet   energetic   and undeniably  exciting,  although there are times  when this album tries   to be a little more eclectic with the  tracks slightly out of focus and I ripped that testament a new asshole having a slight  black metal element to them  and paychech  showcasing a  metallic hardcore quality to their sound a la Integrity but for the most part this is just a full on assault.

So the final verdict? This album may not be a masterpiece, but is sure as fun as hell! ,  don’t  analyse to much just  put  on your thrash  metal jacket with patches  galore,grab some beer, crank up that stereo  and  BANG YOUR FUCKING HEAD!!

Stream the entire album below