Unholy Compilations: Metalrecusants,Kaotoxin Records

Ah long time no see!!

This particular section of the site hasn’t seen action for quite a while now. Well we have something in store that might just save it out of its decrepitude. But be wary my friend, these tracks might as well blow your brains to smithereens, if you don’t take this slow.

Stay. Absorb. Digest. Destruct.


1. Metal Recusants

Metal Recusants is a great online portal that you ought to keep a tab on. Great content and great new music. Best described by their on-page statement “PURE METAL JOURNALISM. NO BULLSHIT. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND. We don’t RATE releases – we review them. Music is not a statistic..”. Well the best part of it all is that they have released a brand new compilation titled “Chants of Death: Vol.1“. Do check it out they’ve got tracks fromĀ  Blood Mortized, De Profoundis, Masachist and a few other top notch bands. What better way to find new bands?

Stream it below:


2. Kaotoxin

Starting out in as recent as 2010, the French based label Kaotoxin has risen through the ranks quickly. Just like the bands on their roster, they’ve made it a point to release quality content. Death Metal and Grind have been their preferred choice of weapons for quite some time. Come 2013 and we have a brand new compilation titled In Grindo Veritas. A rather massive one at that, featuring 37 bands and 44 tracks. The compilation’s been sorted out from a thriving French underground Grind scene. So get some safety gear on or get hammered.