Full of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation

Mohammad Kabeer review the new album from Full of Hell titled Rudiments of Mutilation, released via A389 Recordings.

12 Jacket (5mm Spine) [GD30OBH5]

01. Dichotomy 02:10
02. Vessel Deserted 02:11
03. Coven Of The Larynx 01:03
04. Throbbing Lung Fiber 01:02
05. Indigence And Guilt 01:51
06. Embrace 03:37
07. The Lord Is My Light 04:21
08. Bone Coral And Brine 01:54
09. Rudiments Of Mutilation 02:06
10. In Contempt Of Life 03:56

Full of Hell is one of the most exciting bands to watch out for in modern hardcore. Their last   album Roots of Earth are Consuming my Home was probably one of the darkest, most “malicious” sounding hardcore I have ever set ears on.  Vii caso’s description of their live performance at Maryland Death Fest  made the band even  more intriguing as according to him  It was pure evil with  the  dark lighting and harsh noise transitions in between songs and too add to that a rabid, visceral frontman.  So it was obvious that there new album had some huge shoes to fill.

For those who don’t  know and would like to get some background  about this band ,Full of Hell  is  a four piece from Maryland/Pennsylvania , now that that’s  taken  care of  lets get down to business. When compared to their last album   the production is much more cleaner, however that does not really take anything away from the band as these guys still sound evil, nasty  and  at some points even  frightening  in a completely new way.  Whereas the previous album was all about  the high gain  heavy hardcore,  that mixed some  doom and sludge,  this album is much  more experimental , an example of which can be seen  in the track Coven of the Larynx which  has your typical chord driven  guitars  played to a skank beat   which is  layered with   oddball dissonance something that would fit well with Deathspell Omega, in fact  another track Indigence and Guilt has the  skank played along to very detailed, wicked and almost black metal  sounding guitars  not too dissimilar to other black  metal bands today  like Nightbringer and Aosoth. This reaches its peak in the track when the bands brand of technical, chaotic hardcore is juxtaposed with weird flanger guitar effects and power electronics. There are some tracks which move away from hardcore as well, for instance The Lord is my Light opens up with somewhat drone-ish   guitar work  which  brings images of  insanity, loneliness and desolation  which  later builds up to a sonic  nightmare  with weird guitar effects that  makes  you feel as if everything around you is melting  and  there’s no way you can run(damn this band  fuels me to write!) , and the last track In Contempt of Life where the band experiments with  really crushing  , sludgy/doomy guitars,  which is accompanied by some really chilled laidback  stoner rock drumming. But with all of that being said, these elements don’t really take away Full of Hell’s signature sound and in fact adds much more to it, making it much more elaborate.

Thus keeping everything in mind I would say that Rudiments of Mutilation is a challenging, yet highly rewarding release., that  will be enjoyed by anyone who  is into extreme music, not just hardcore.  One of the best hardcore releases of 2013 so far.

 Stream the entire album below

Fubar – Lead Us TO War

We haven’t really gotten out this June, and we apologize for this very fact. Today Mohammad Kabeer reviews the latest from Fubar titled Lead Us To War, released via Give Praise Records.


01. Everything Is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition 00:51
02. The Demon Rose From Greed 01:04
03. Grief 01:13
04. I Scream Protest! 01:08
05. Beasts As They Are 01:43
06. Requiem For Peace 01:08
07. Dysfunctional Parts Of The Machine 01:19
08. The Iron Cage Of Hope 01:42
09. Let Them Control 01:16
10. Communication Into Nothing 00:27
11. Lead Us To War 04:02
12. Worst Unfolding Tragedy 00:52
13. The Curse Is Upon Us 01:07
14. The Burden On The Back Of The Unknown Men 01:29
15. The Nail Facing Downwards 00:45
16. Flip The Coin 01:01
17. Doomsday Has Crossed The Horizon 01:19
18. Misplaced Faith 00:56
19. Damage Control 01:59
20. The Doom Tornado 01:05
21. Scaring The Monsters 00:31
22. The Sting Of Our Collective Conscience 01:28

Grindcore had its humble origins in the UK,   with Napalm Death trying to sound as raw and primal as they can. But if you look at it today, the genre although still maintaining much of its ferocity, is now more open to experimentation with bands like Rotten Sound and Pig Destroyer who have a more refined sound, Noisear, Maruta and Antigama which focus more on the technical side of the genre and, of course, you have bands like Wormrot and Cretin which are a kind of revival of traditional Grindcore. And then there is FUBAR which comes somewhere in the middle.

FUBAR is a band from the Netherlands, their sound  is too put it simply,  pure old fashioned  Grindcore,  fitting perfectly  with  Phobia P.L.F. and  Insect Warfare, however  when it comes to their actual  performance  there is more to it than what meets the eye.. or  should I say  ear . The band triesto  mix a lot of melodic  elements which are interwoven into  their  grind and can be heard pretty much throughout the album  with songs like I Scream Protest   and Doom Tornado,  these elements  reach  their  peak  in the songs The  Demon Rose from Greed and Misplaced faith, which to be honest sound really  bad,  The former sounds like a  bad  punk pop song  trying to be grind and the latter well..  Doesn’t really sound grind at all in fact it just sounds like really bad… uhmm.. Nu metal, and that’s exactly what’s the problem   here. When I heard this album for the most part, what I felt was that these guys were really trying hard to experiment but still   stay true to their roots, and honestly that’s all that they could do really.. Try, somehow the melodic stuff sounds very awkward when juxtaposed with old school grind, it doesn’t fit in at all   and as a result takes away a lot of the intensity which this album has and I think another reason for this is that I guess is the songwriting, the two don’t  really mix  seamlessly  into each other but seem more like interruptions  and  don’t   fit in well with the dynamics. But then there are some bright shining moments that this album offers and those are when the band decides to go full throttle  leaving experimentation aside  to play some pure brutal grind  with tracks  like the very dark The Burden  on the broken man the extremely chaotic Communication into Nothing  and  Doomsday has crossed the Horizon. These moments really  reflect the primal side of the band  which I enjoy a lot more because  I can feel that the band  is much more comfortable here and this side of the band seems much  more organic. It is the one that they should explore further.

So the final word? Well FUBAR  came pretty close  but didn’t  really get hold of any cigars but had they unleashed  that beast hinted at they could have had all the cigars they want.


Stream the entire album below



Age of Woe – Inhumanform

Mohammad Kabeer reviews the new album from Age of Woe titled Inhumanform, released via Give Praise Records.


1. Like Embers
2. The King of Thieves
3. The Antagonist
4. Black Rain
5. At First Light
6. Red Eyes
7. Cold Cycle
8. Rite of Passage

Here I am again  with another review and this is a very  special  moment  for me  as this is the first time  I will be reviewing  something from  Give Praise Records,  which is a label  that introduced me to Hardcore,Grind and Powerviolence .  I have such great memories listening to gems like Soil of Ignorance, The Afternoon Gentlemen and Titanarum, and now to know that I have gotten an official    promo from the label itself is indeed an honour. The very band that I will be reviewing from this label today is Age of Woe and the album is called In Human form.



Age of Woe are from Gothenburg, Sweden, a place famous for harvesting Melodic Death Metal, this band however are a different breed. The band’s sound can  be described  as sludge  mixed with hardcore  and that’s pretty much it really, not saying that that’s  a bad  thing. I mean  the band has everything   that makes up for some good  sludge/hardcore, dirty  guitars ,  massive breakdowns   energetic drumming  ,adding slower sections  so that there is some breathing space etc.  Then again I do feel  that it all of it  comes out sounding a little  … well for the lack of a better word  a little redundant.  Honestly  they don’t   really have anything   new that they  can  bring to the  table , although they do try   to  at times  with songs  like Black Rain  which add elements of funeral doom and The Antagonist,Cold  Cycle  and A Rite of passage  which   gives the band’s  sound  a melodic turn  but these few bright moments can’t really hide that.

But then again for what it is Inhumanform is a lot of fun, if you  just   want  to let loose  without thinking   too much, this would be a pretty good choice, not the best but definitely a good one.

Inter Arma – Sky Burial

Today we have Mohammad Kabeer reviewing the new album from Inter Arma titled Sky Burial released via Relapse Records.



1. The Survival Fires
2. The Long Road Home (Iron Gate)
3. The Long Road Home
4. Destroyer
5. ‘sblood
6. Westward
7. Love Absolute
8. Sky Burial


Often  you find that Metal  seems to   push itself  towards  a particular cage, and doesn’t  even  try to come out of it , sometimes to create something  that will appeal  to the  mainstream  audiences, sometimes  because  of the narrow-mindedness of the musicians  and fans themselves  and sometimes because it just doesn’t  want to . Once in a while however you do come across a band that changes things, Inter Arma is that band .


Stream the entire album from the player below


Inter Arma is a five piece from  Richmond Virginia,  consisting of T.J. Childers(Drums) Steven Russel (Guitars)  Trey Dalton (Guitars) Mike Paparo (vocals) and Jon koerkes ( bass). The band’s sound is very hard to categorize in one single word, the best way to describe it would be   black/sludge/doom metal that is strongly influenced by psychedelic rock   but that barely scratches the surface. One word that describes this album perfectly is rich, both in terms  of production, which  encompasses  a really thunderous, deep  drum sound  and also   multiple layers of guitar tracks,  and in terms of the actual  performance  which  dosen’t really stick to one formula or genre for that matter. The Survival Fires  mixes   avante-garde black metal  with  crushing sludge while  Sky burial   does the same, except mixing it with really melancholic rock ,  whereas you  have   less extreme tracks   like The Long Road Home(Iron Gate). The long road home and  Love Absolute  which  have more of a psychedelic  vibe,   mixing  spacey  effects   with simple  acoustic  guitar .  And if that’s not all there are  tracks like  ‘sblood  which is driven  by very tribal  drumming, mainly on the toms  accompanied  by  really mystical  guitar work  that sounds almost like a didgeridoo and  Destroyer which has really buzzing ,hypnotic  almost drone like guitar work accompanied  by simple minimalistic drums, which  reminds of Venus in Furs by  Velvet underground.

All of these factors make Inter Arma a challenging yet quite intriguing listen; these guys are doing something different and thinking out of the box.  This is definitely an album that I think every  music  fan will enjoy regardless of their  preference in music .