Heavy Prescription: Unmothered, Petrichor, Serpent Omega

Ah yes! Yet another edition of  Heavy Prescription comes your way. My new found interest in everything coming in dark and black never wavering, here are a few new tracks that i guess will need some serious checking out on your part.

NOTE: Images are deliberately displayed at large resolutions  for we think artwork is equally important to the overall musical output. If you find this a bit jarring then i humbly ask you to sod off and find some place else to hover over.



Despite the all pervasive nature of mainstream metal today there is still a lot of good music that simply eludes us. One can cite a plethora of different reasons for this particular prick called ‘lack of reach’ between the band and the listener. The most prominent ones include dismal promotion of the music at hand or its complete absence altogether and of the ever so common, diminished appeal of said music. When it comes to metal, the latter gains more ground and we end up missing out on bands such as Unmothered. Dark, haunting and soul piercing haunt rock is what Unmothered style themselves to be , and they do this with such cohesiveness hitherto missing in most of new metal today. The self-titled debut consists of tracks that  are far unlike forced caesarians. These songs have been given enough time and thought to develop into slow, trampling, blackened beasts. They take the staple rock diet and stuff it with elements of black, sludge and stoner motifs enough for leaving a dent in your cranium. I suggest you go stream through the entire album stream below and hear for yourself.



Ah! Now on to something relatively close to our shores for a change. Petrichor from Pune, is definitely not a band that has been new to our site. For one they were featured on our exclusively Progressive Djent compilation, ‘Techwreck‘ whichwas released earlier this year. After which we streamed their tracks on a predated Heavy Prescription post. Now before you jump to conclusions, none of the band members are relatives of mine or have been my acquaintances, and i haven’t married their sisters. Their multiple feature on this site is primarily because i do feel a certain proclivity to the constantly improving standards of the band. As perfect testimony to this very fact, they have just released a new single titled ‘Parasight: Comorbid’. This is an exhibit of darkened metal constructed dexterously with each section given credit and so unlike the polyrhythmic riff fest that bands of the genre fall victim to. A conspicuous yet well placed clean guitar part to break things down so that the listener may be deluded with a temporary feeling of possible recuperation, only to be find themselves in the path of a groovy onslaught the next second. Although such tactics have been played at by bands before, they have rarely attained its true purpose. Masterly laid riffs and greatly improved vocals make this a totally worthy listen.



Let us take things down a notch here. Lets have a bit of that of that doom shall we? After all things never end well in life. Stoner, Sludge and Doom, three metal genres that have constantly given each other nods of approval all these years, join hands here once again in Serpent Omega. Sweden’s fresh breeding grounds have spawned yet another demonoid. With their self titled debut via Mordgrimm Records seeing daylight in the first days of January, they have just released a single track titled ‘Skullwand’. The main groove of the track seems to be a spell that develops an infectious curse upon the listener. Now scamper away! or be transfixed by the Skullwand.

Heavy Prescription : Gaia’s Throne, Petrichor

Today i’ve dug up  some interesting local metal. The word ‘local’ here is by no means derogatory and kindly view it as a reference to our own Indian scene so save your whining for another day.  Today we visit two bands, who have consistently managed to entice us with glimpses of excellent musicianship.



Goddamnit! I’ve never even had an inkling  as to the band’s existence until very recently. A hundred lashes from a metal barbed whip is what i deserve. Nothing can make up for this gross ignorance . Now for the rest of the uninitiated idiots out there, Gaia’s Throne is a heavy metal/ power prog band from Pune. The mention of the genre alone is something of a breather from the wave after wave of bad metalcore that seems to have the country in a stranglehold .

The band has just released two tracks, which includes a self titled track and a second one titled ‘Contact’. After having checked the song, for some reason one word popped up. ” Rishloo”. Vocalist Siddharth’s vocals sound strangely similar to that off Rishloo’s Andrew. The instrumentation employed does seem to have a flavor very similar to the Rishloo styled of prog. And yet Gaia’s Throne holds their own, weaving ethereal melodies with some breathtakingly beautiful vocals. More often than not progressive bands try to do a tad too much when it comes to instrumentation and pretty much shoots it over the roof. But Gaia’s throne seems to blend in things nicely, every single part of the song segue into the next with relative ease. This makes it a much more cohesive listen and high repeat value . And oh! did i mention that the production cannot be really that far from perfect. It highlights each and every nuance played in the band so the listener may pick it up within the first few listens.

Then comes the lyrics. Set in a futuristic yet dystopian setting, both the songs slowly unveil the multi- species storyline at hand. I wouldn’t want to go further into the deep lyricism for you can follow them all here at their personal blog. I stress you check the entire blog, which is a great read and you’d probably sense the extend to which the band has gone to churn out this beauty. Checkout both these songs below and also accompanying them is a lyric video of the song “Contact”.


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Next up is Petrichor. Everyone who has stumbled across our compilation might find this name pretty familiar. Their sheer ability to write grooves that straddle the thin line between extremity and progressiveness is what got them there. The cover art alone is a perfect visual description of the kind of music they have in store for the listener. So why the re-mentioning them you ask?  Well they have just released the entire stream of their debut EP ‘ Hueman’. Take caution though, for these riffs might just shake your balls off. The entire EP was tracked and mastered at Refractor Studios which is co-owned by members of Noiseware. Listen to the entire stream below.

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