Diamonds in the Rough – April – Part I

Diamonds in the Rough
Its that time of the month where i bring you guys our truly one-of-a-kind playlist for your immediate relief and later demise :P. Today we look back at some of the records released in the month of April,which might as well have escaped your grasp, or failed to take notice of altogether. Fortunately the month of April seems to see the whole of metaldom roused from its rather long slumber. It is safe to say that albeit having a few good records, quite nothing has had enough staying power and quirkiness to clearly catch one’s attention. But with April you’ve had the back to form Arsis, subtly reinvented Killswitch Engage, beautifully harrowing Amorphis all making good albums in their own right. That said, there are still some great tracks you ought to give an ear to. Below is the first playlist.






While Spain’s Wormed has unleashed this year one of the most brutal albums to date and has raised the weirdo metal bar outright high, there’s been something brewing in a genre at the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Ambient and spaced out blackgaze (Black metal and shoegaze) are outfit, Apocynthion from Madrid, Spain . Now now! Before you draw up the Agalloch and Alcest comparison chart, i must say that this veers more towards the post-rockish side . The ethereal  and flowing clean guitars climaxes in phalanxes of tremolo-laden riffs and rasps. Something that will sombre you up, and hint at depression if you get too close. The track Redshift comes off their new album Sidereus Nuncius released via Pest Productions.



Straight from the 9th circle of hell is Verminous. The track Hordes ov Vermin reeks of the vilest odor . With a much fast paced death metal barrage, reminiscent of early Morbid Angel and possibly  Severed Survival era Autopsy, they clinically eviscerate your senses. Their version of the Last Supper (album cover) is probably the best way to describe their music as well. The track comes off their sophomore effort titled The Unholy Communion released via Xtreem Music.



Now something to wear out that grim look, off your face. Here is Vallendusk from Indonesia. The first thing that came to mind is why India cannot have such great bands, despite having a population that shrinks Indonesia’s into irrelevance.  While we senselessly go on aping bands and delve deeper into the cauldron of mediocrity, Indonesia wets its feet in blissful atmospheric black metal. Among the Giants is a 9 minute epic, traversing everything from upbeat to moody passages and instantly catchy folky riffs. Yet it exudes a certain sense of serenity. The track comes off their first full length Black Clouds Gathering released via Pest Productions.



Psychedelic War metal. Something which Black Pyramid calls themselves, and most veritably so. This is stoner doom for the animal skin clad, club swinging hunter from the stone ages. Much like watching Conan the Barbarian after a bad acid trip. Their last album which was released just last year, completely floored me and if the rest of their new album, this year, follows much like Onyx & Obsidian then i am all for it. The track comes off their new record titled Adversarial.



Intro riff… And there you have it! A choke hold. Lair of the Minotaur takes what would make for a great thrash song on its own, slows it down several notches and then adds in a few beefy sludge sections, essentially transforming into one mind wracking listen. You’ve got the thrashy pace of the song plateaued by an insane amount of downtuned yet hard hitting heaviness. Coming off their EP titled Godslayer, here is the title track. God slaying indeed…

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