Interview: NALE

Nale are a hardrock/metal outfit from the metal-hallowed lands of Sweden. The band had recently embarked on a tour of India, where they were to play to at Gandhinagar, Gujarat and Silchar,Assam. Metalspree’s Raj Sharma caught the entire band chilling out just a few days ahead of their last gig at Silchar. Here is what they had to say.


Q. Greetings from Metal Spree, how’s the experience in India  turned out so far??

NALE:  Awesome, really good, everyone’s so nice here,very  hospitable and the crowd at Gandhinagar was really awesome.
Q. Your debut Indian Gig at Gandhi Nagar how was it? You all were the first international band playing over there, how did it turn out?

NALE: It was 2500,awesome experience  we thought we would have around 1500 people there or something, they said it could get wild ,It could get crazy it was fun and we are sorry to the guys who were left with injuries *Laughs*

Q. Besides playing in NALE, What do you all do students /day job?

Tomas: Sound engineer

Mathias: Graphic designer/Photographer

Johan : Mechanic/Studying too

Andy: Truck Sale

Q.For your new fans in India, give us a little brief insight on what exactly is Ghost Road Blues in your opinion?

NALE: Yeah about the album, well it’s a pretty much of mix of everything we love in the music field from Metal, Rock N Roll also got hardcore influences, grooves we wanted to groove yeah.

Q. Talking about influences here, tell us your main influences which got you to make music?

NALE(Thomas):  hmm I don’t know I listen to lots of different music style related to metal ,subgenre of metals or death metal something like that, if specific I listen to old death metal bands mostly like DISMEMBER, the Old MORBID ANGEL but when I listen to stuff out of metal it’s more of like John Mayer or a Bluesy guy , good blues music .So it’s almost everything that gets to the influence while writing, I listen to John Mayer song and try to get the feel of it in a NALE song

Q. Well your sounds seems to be a mix of everything but than if you all had to name your sound in one word what would that be?

Andy:  It would be NALE, definitely NALE

Q.Well yeah I expected that haha..Anyways you guys had Chris Laney (Grammy awarded producer) for your debut EP and the follow up, what made you all go for a different producer with the debut Full length?

 (Thomas): Because Matt knew the Chris Laney guy who mixed it, he didn’t produce it he mixed it , we recorded in a small studio and recorded it, so we could produce it ourselves but he mixed the sound for us as Matt wanted him to mix it production I knew Lawrence Mackrony , who did the work on Ghost road blues, He is friend of mine and my old boss and so I thought we should do it with him

Mathias: The guy knew what we wanted and he is also a brilliant vocalist and we are really happy with the work he did

Thomas: He has a really good mind, he helped Mathias with the vocals recording wise he worked as perfectionist for us 

Q.Time for some shout out to the folks at Sweden, Tell us your favorite bands from Sweden, that you want to recommend our readers at Metal Spree??

*Everyone thinks it out for while *

Tomas: Hall Kaften,Vad Villdui!? ,Crucified Barbara.

Mathias : Port Noir, Orangeclub

Johan: Toremention,FKU,One hour Hell

Andy: The Tlark,Bondage Faries

NALE: With extra special love to DEGRADEAD

Q. Your 2nd video for The Fun in funeral was shot from a live performance at Stockholm, with Two EP’s and a full length now any plans for going for a Live DVD ??

Mathias: Maybe not a Live DVD,But rightnow we are thinking about another new EP quite soon after the india tour ends maybe four songs , or six or even maybe a full length album but no live DVD so far

Johan: Its Gonna be a shit load of material in youtube soon ,Following up to make long web episode series on youtube.

Mathias: Yeah its gonna be more of our own segment.

Q. Who here is involved in any other project or band besides NALE?

Thomas: yeah I’m involved with some death metal bands

Johan:  I play in a band called.. with a girl doing some electronic, I m playing bass when she’s performing live
Mathias: They are the hired guns haha.. Well but I’m just involved with NALE

Andy: Just Nale

Q. Tell us about your song writing process?

Mathias: Auders actually wrote ..

Andy: Well yeah two songs that too was like 4 years ago haha, mostly Tomas writes stuff and comes up to us.

Tomas: At home, I watch a movie and try to think not to make it a song, it so hard to do it right and then again play again with guitar some riffs,lick and yeah whenever its sounds cool I go on to recording the riff and go on playing it again so that we remember it and soon we start playing it its get more worked out while recording too

Q. So who come up with the lyrical materials completely Mathias?

Tomas: Yeah, we actually tell him like this shit has to name something like that or specific depending upon the song

Mathias: Yeah he does come up with that, like we think this should be named as grasshoppers or maybe Cows.

Q. So you guys don’t have any particular lyrical theme right?

Mathias: No  particular themes it totally comes from Tomas as how he writes up the songs after watching his movies, Yeah its kinda like that I see a movie while writing a lyrics , It like a Soundtrack you know , soundtrack are just music and than they are put downed to the movies(the lyrical part).


Q. What’s next after India??

NALE: Yeah , we pretty excited of the last gig at Silchar .We will be getting down some rest after the tour is over than back to plans we have lots more to work on new materials maybe . We are gonna celebrate this  whole journey firstly when we get back home after two weeks most probably.

Q.Any last words to our reader or for the Silchar folks waiting to see you ??

NALE: Yeah all the people from Assam who are going to Silchar and the Silchar people to prove them that are more crazy than the Gandhi Nagar’s totally. Thanks for the interview!

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